Are You looking for the perfect holiday? Maybe spending it in a romantic destination as Sorrento would be fantastic! If You are looking for a hotel Sorrento is a very popular destination and every year many tourists want to know it. There’s something magic, it is a wonderful city with a spectacular view. It is suspended on a 50 meters height.
It is a pretty city, very orderly and clean. You will spend a good time with your partner or with your family. Don’t miss the tasty dishes of fresh fish, and the lemon salad, a very typical fruit. Every year many couples come to get married in this suggestive town full of beauty.

Hotel Sorrento: Our selection

As Sorrento is an exclusive destination, the level of good hotels is very high. In fact, You will find many with an excellent service. The staff are always cozy, they know how to treat precious guests who want to honour the city of Sorrento visiting it. Hotel restaurant have always good chefs. It is an old new that the Mediterranean diet is the best all over the world, and the Italian food is the second favourite food in the world. Well, sushi is the first one, but We can prepare it in our South Italian manner!
We suggest You to use transfers, the public one is very good and if You need a private one there is a wide range. If You want to come by car remember: there isn’t so much space to park, so it would be a bit complicated.

Things to do in Sorrento

If You are wondering about what to do in Sorrento We have the answer. We leave You a list of things to do and to visit in this magical city.
Visit the Vallone dei Mulini, a natural attraction, the right destination for the trekking lovers.
Visit the Correale Museum, an archeological show, the S.Francis Church, the Tasso Square, the Basilica of St. Antonino, the Sorrento Cathedral, the Sedile Dominova, pieces of history of Campania, the Big and the little Marina of Sorrento.

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villaggio Nettuno
Amalfi Coast Hotel
Villaggio Nettuno

The Nettuno Camping is the only camping of the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento Peninsula situated on the beach. It offers camper tent/ caravan zone not so far from the sea.