Conca dei Marini is a very small town on the Amalfi Coast: a very cozy sea town. Many Italian and foreign tourists go there for the Emerald Grotto, a wonderful cave with a Vietri ceramics submerged crib.

The ancient monastery dedicated to Saint Rose is very interesting. It was built in 1300 and dominates the town and coast. According to a tradition, the cake called “Santa Rosa” was invented here. It’s a classical Neapolitan “Sfogliata” filled with a delicious custard. This wonderful custard is made of ricotta, pieces of candied fruits and decorated with black cherry jam. A festival is dedicated to this special cake.

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Here the climate is very good and the sea is wonderful: this is why Conca is called “The Gem of Amalfi Coast”. Conca has always had famous visitors: for example, Margareth of England liked the magic atmosphere of this wonderful place.

Conca dei Marini History

According to the tradition, “Cosa o Cossa dei Tirreni” was a strong small town. Rome chose Conca dei Marini as ally during Punic wars, in 481 a.C. Conca has a wonderful natural creek, a berth during the Marine Republic age. The story of Conca was linked to Amalfi’s one.
Conca had a famous merchant marine: the town had commercial relations to all the countries of the Mediterranean area. This is why Conca was a very rich and well-known town. In June 1543, Conca was sacked by pirates.

Weather Predictions for Conca dei Marini

Want to know the weather of Conca dei Marini in real time? It would be very uncomfortable starting the holiday with a surprise from weather. Knowing in advance the climate conditions will allow You to make the perfect suitcase. In this way You always know what to wear, You’ll put less stuff into the luggage and have always a B plan!
However, there are many restaurants waiting for You and many typical Amalfi Coast dishes, in a rainy or cloudy day You could do delicatessen tour! Don’t miss to taste caprese cake and limoncello!

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Conca dei Marini Italy: Monuments and Celebrations

Marina di Conca

It is a pretty bay rounded by many white little houses. It is the principal bathhouse of the town and here all the local boats dock. Moreover, the Marine of Conca has become famous between the seventies and sixties for hosting Princess Margaret of England and Jacqueline Kennedy who stopped for a bath after a visit in Ravello.
In 1996, it has been protagonist of a disaster: a landslide. The rocky walls broke away and so many buildings have been destroyed. Luckily it didn’t leave any victim, but for six years it wasn’t possible attending the Marine. A good new is that in 2003 it has been nominated as one of the 11 best Italy beaches.

Torre del Capo di Conca

Also called Torre Saracena or Torre Bianca, it is an ancient sixteenth- century watchtower rose up on the promontory called “Capo di Conca”. This tower has been built by Pedro de Toledo, the Naples viceroy. It has to defend the land against the Turks. Inside there’s a huge room and  two little rooms for the guards.
After the defeat of Lepanto, the tower, as many others, lost its importance.  Later it has been used as a cemetery until 1949. After that it has been refreshed by the municipal administration and today it is a museum.

Conca dei Marini Festival

These are the most important festivals of Conca dei Marini:

  • Festa della lingua di S. Antonio di Padova – St. Anthony of Padua relic, 15th of February
  • Festa patronale di S.Antonio di Padova – St. Anthony of Padua Festival, 13th of June
  • Carnevale delle Janare – Janare Carvinal, the Saturday before the Shrove Tuesday
  • Festa del Mare – Sea Festival, 23th of July
  • Sagra della Sfogliatella Santarosa – Sfogliatella Santarosa Festival, 2nd of August

The St. Anthony Festival is very important for the citizenship of Conca dei Marini. People come from other far places to give their offers. During the Carnival Festival the town is used to celebrate the myth of the witches who were all around the town.
The Sea Festival is very suggestive because it is celebrated in honor of the fallen in the sea, in war and peace. It is a fish based festival, You can taste all kind of fresh dishes. It is celebrated in the Marine of Conca. The Sfogliatella Festival has been restored in 2011, it is a celebration in memory of the inventors of this dessert. Being in Conca dei Marini in the beginning of August means tasting desserts!

Emerald Grotto

It is a karst cavity, partially invaded by sea. The Emerald Grotto has been discovered by the fisherman Luigi Buonocore in 1932. It is 45 x 32 meters large and 24 meters high.
The name “Emerald Grotto” comes by the light You can see inside. In 1956, the sea bottom set up with a ceramic nativity scene. From then, every year in Christmas, divers put flowers for Jesus.

Capo di Conca



  • Saint Pancras Church
  • Saint Anthony of Padua Church
  • Saint Rosa Monastery
  • Immaculate Conception Chapel
  • Holy Mary of Snow Chapel



Marina di Conca

If You love swimming, the waters of Marina di Conca are perfect for You. 

marina di conca beach

Conca dei Marini


conca beach

Torre dei Cavalieri di Malta

torre cavalieri di malta beach



Conca Dei Marini Landscape
Conca Dei Marini Landscape
Conca Dei Marini View From Above
Conca Dei Marini View From Above