Amalfi Coast is a place to visit once in the life, it’s a trip that you can’t miss.
Unbelievable views are already on the way to run to get in the coast, the statale 163 road. Overhanging hills on the sea, sea basins and beach you can reach only by boat.
This page is a guide to Amalfi Coast towns.

What to see in Amalfi Coast

Il Sentiero degli Dei

You can’t miss to do the Path of Gods, to visit Furore Fiord and Valle delle Ferriere (iron foundry valley).
You can’t miss the unbelievable view to enjoy from Ravello, a calm town where you can visit the ancient villas: Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone. Another pretty destination is Positano. There are colorful alleys and the famous fashion.
In Amalfi Coast there is much to see and to do. We suggest you to visit the Emerald Grotto in Conca de’ Marini, and don’t forget a jump in museums. Go and visit Capri Isle, Sorrento, Pompeii excavations, Paestum, Velia and Sapri.

Amalfi Coast beaches

Spiagge della Costiera amalfitana

Many beautiful beaches you can find here. Many of them have shingles, many are reachable only by the sea…
Don’t miss to visit Santa Croce beach, go there by boat. That’s a real paradise on earth, good sea and bathhouses where you can have lunch.
We suggest you a jump to Maiori beach, the most long beach of the Coast, there are many bathhouses with beach umbrellas, deck chairs and sunbeds.

Vietri sul Mare

Vietri sul mare is the first town coming from the Southside, the door of the coast. Pottery is the excellence and many tourists stop here to buy a pretty ceramic souvenir. The seaside is very beautiful, new refreshed and well cared. There are wide beaches with bathhouses and restaurants. We suggest you to visit the high side…

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Based in the heights of the coast, you can admire breathtaking views, peculiarly from the infinite terrace in Cimbrone Villa. Ravello is a place to visit, you can’t miss it in your tour. It is also known as the “city of music” for the many concerts of musicians coming from all over the world…

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hotel praiano vista sul mare


Praiano is a picturesque town situated between Positano and Conca dei Marini.  Praiano is less famous than the other towns on the Amalfi Coast, but

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Another peculiar town. Also here the seafront is excellent, not so long, but beautiful. In the hills around the town there are typical Amalfi lemon gardens. Visit the I century Roman Villa ruins…

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It is famous all over the world, a tourism destination very wanted by foreigners. Don’t miss the Cathedral, on the pier there are ferries to visit Positano and Capri, or use the boat rental to get to the marvelous beaches of Duoglio and Santa Croce. Once in Amalfi, you must walk for ways and monuments, take the main street from the central square connected to the most interesting places…

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Positano Landscape


The vertical city featured by many peculiar alleys from hill to sea. It is famous for fashion and the artisan workshops, today it is the favourite place of VIPS from all over the world…

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Maiori is the first big center of Amalfi Coast, there is a wonderful seafront next to the longest beach of the divine coast. Enjoy the walks on corso Reginna with the shops…

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Furore Fjord


The quaint town borns on heights where you can admire a unique panorama. Clean air and relax are the password here! The lower village is famous because of a small beach where once fishermen used to live. Still today you can see them. If you go in Amalfi Coast you can’t miss the Furore Fiord…

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Conca dei Marini

Conca Dei Marini

The name comes from the geographic basin shape (Conca= basin). There is a special beach and marina with the fishermen boats. It is a calm place. Visit the Emerald Grotto…

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It is an ancient and characteristic sea village, famous for the “colatura di alici”, a seasoning obtained from the fermentation of anchovies, a precious ingredient of the famous spaghetti. Beaches aren’t this large but a bath in the crystal waters is a bless. It is a very loved place for windsurfers because of the wind…

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A sea village that overlooks the sea, 500 meters far from Amalfi, you can get there walking. Behind the small beach there is the narrow valley of Dragone river. A legend tells about a fire-breathing dragon…

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amalfi coast


Only who visited the Amalfi Coast from above can really appreciate the beauty, and only who ran its pathways can say to have enjoyed it deeply. There are many main viewpoints and Agerola represents one of the best natural terraces of Amalfi Coast. It is also a start point of the most suggestive pathways as the Path of Gods. It is a real paradise for trekking lovers…

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Amalfi Coast towns map

Come to Amalfi Coast to visit one of the most beautiful places in the world, featured by mountains which go down to the sea. It is formed by a succession of panoramic curves,  running it you will see scenarios of incomparable beauty. Have a look to the Amalfi Coast map to better understand it.

The area is held by Lattari Mountains, the natural limestone formation with many karst phenomena, which gets the 1425 meters height. The highest height is Monte S. Angelo in Torre Pizzi.

To visit Amalfi Coast you can’t do only one trip, there is so much to see of the wonders that nature offers in these area. The crystal blue sea that blends with the sky, the colorful and unique villages…it can be defined a masterpiece of nature.
If you want to plan your holiday in Amalfi Coast you are in the right website! Here you will consult the tourist guide with many useful information like timetables or the ticket prices for the Amalfi Cathedral. Read how to get to Amalfi Coast if you land in Rome or Naples or you arrive to Salerno railway station, have a look to the bus timetable.

Have a look to the trekking pathways, the famous Path of Gods, and if you love comfort, let yourself plan a tour and rent a car with driver, they will bring you in the most peculiar places to better enjoy the view on Amalfi Coast and taste the typical dishes.

Amalfi Coast Weather

Are you coming to Amalfi Coast and want to stay up to date with the weather? Check it here, it is updated in real time.