The road to Cetara is winding. It crosses Vietri, Punta Fuenti, the Albore Wallon. This way is dominated by the towns of Raito and Albori and it goes on in the ancient Cetara, wrapped by Falerziano mount. The flora is in part wild and in part made by citrus. This was the last property and border of the ancient dukedom of Amalfi. Cetara has always been a country of fishermen. In fact, the name “Cetara” comes from “cetari”that means vendors of tuna.

Since 1030, Cetara was borrower to the bishop of Amalfi, who used to receive a tenth of every fishing, the “ius piscariae”. In the 1120 this village passed under the political domination of Amalfi. After that, it has been subjected to the Normans, to the Benedictine Abbey of S. Mary of Erchie and finally to the Abbey of Cava. The Abbey used to have marine connections to the Benedictine Abbey and trade of pilgrims and goodses in Africa. Pietro Pappacarbone was the third Abbot of Cava and grandson of S. Alferio, the founder of this Abbey. Pietro Pappacarbone received the port of Vietri as a gift from in the 1086.

The History of Cetara

In 1534 Turks enslaved part of the population, while great part of the survivors escaped to Naples. In order to defend Cetara from similar attacks, the Vicereale Tower has been built. It is currently used as private room. According to an ancient tradition, fishermen used to leave for Algeria or Morocco in March and April to dedicate themselves on fishing anchovies to resupply the vendors of Messina, Genoa and Livorno, and then coming back on Autumn.

Cetara is situated in a long valley, anciently it was a bulwark on the seaside rounded by the cliffs of the Falerzio mount. This land was covert by forests and vines. This town lies exposed to East, with a small shore and a stream. In old times this town was much more extended. It used to border to the Fischetole waters. Anyway Cetara was under the Amalfi jurisdiction. Part of Vietri, Cetara got its independence on 15th of November 1833.

Where to stay in the Amalfi Coast

Are You looking for an accommodation in the Amalfi Coast? If You are fascinated by this pretty town there’s the opportunity to find accommodations in the surroundings. There are many hotels, Villa Rentals and bed and breakfast waiting to host You. In case You like adventure We warn You: this coast offers so much in this sector! Check these opportunity to do excursions and this suggestions for camping.
If You come with your family and want to live a farm adventure  We can suggest You some farm holidays. This would be the right way to escape from city! Moreover You can taste the excellent food of Amalfi Coast in many restaurants. Enjoy eating various fish dishes, lemon salads and home made desserts. You can’t imagine how many type of pasta We can make! By the way, don’t You miss to taste limoncello.

 Cetara, the Village of Tuna

Cetara is a very small town on the Amalfi Coast. It’s painted by the many colorful fishing boats. The name comes from “Cetari”, the brave tuna hunters. Just to remember these valiant men, every year they celebrate a festival. Cetara was the last village of the Amalfi Federation, the entry door of the bastion.

There are four religious monuments in the small historical center. There is a very nice Romanic church dedicated to Saint Peter which is the Patron. He’s celebrated on the 29th of june. In Cetara You will also find the church dedicated to San Francis of Assisi with a monastery. Inside the church there’s a courtyard of rare beauty. On the west hill there are the ruins of S. Maria del Popolo church. At least, on the height of the town, there’s the small Constantinople church. The religious architecture has always been important to this town, it reflects the devotion of a town often survivor of the bizarre sea.

Cetara Folklore – Events – Manifestations

The most important celebrations in this small towns are three:

  • Festa di S.Pietro – S. Peter Fest, 29th of June
  • Festa dell’Immacolata – day of the Immaculate Conception, 8th of December
  • Sagra del Tonno – Tuna Festival, in the second half of July
Cetara feels very much S.Peter’s Fest, He’s the Patron of the town and fishermen. They dedicate to him a procession in which the statue is situated on a boat shaped throne. People carry it by back, undulating as if it was a boat on the sea. The blessing of the sea is a very deep moment of the celebration: crowd on the beach and hundreds of boats coming from others Amalfi Coast towns. At 1.00 am the firework illuminate the sky and sea with excellent designs.
The 8th of December at 5.00 pm a procession starts. There are bonfires all over the hills of the town. On the other hand, during the Tuna Festival You can taste many tuna dishes. Cetara is famous for the “Colatura di alici”, a transparent and amber sauce that comes from the maturation of anchovies. It is a typical and traditional product with Roman origins.

Cetara Swimming

The beach of Cetara offers a wonderful sea. You can discover it and go swimming. Fuenti beach is a rocky and sandy beach, there the swimming is spectacular. For the lovers of swimming, snorkeling and diving this land is perfect, also the marine flora will be a real show for your eyes.
In case You would like to discover the best spots to swim in the Tyrrhenian Sea of Amalfi Coast, We invite You to check the following links. We suggest You these two best places:

  • Marina di Cetara Beach
  • Fuenti Beach

Amalfi Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. It is full of hidden beauties as the marine flora and fauna. Snorkeling among the sea You will find many exciting grottos as the Green Grotto and White Grotto (Sorrento and Capri).
There are many species of fishes, above all big size fishes as grouper, octopus and moray. The flora is composed by colorful species. The most commons are the actinia and sea urchin. Obviously they are also part of the Amalfi food.


Weather forecast for Cetara

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