In the month of September (10-11-12), Minori has typical produce fairs with shows and cultural events.

Vietri Sul Mare, the journey through the ceramics with ?national prize ?celebrating the best artists.

Praiano, with having the traditional Festival, with dances, tales and traditional songs.

Also in Ravello we?ve got the international music festival with fantastic music. The two festivals are celebrated from June until September.

Historical Regatta , celebrated every 4 years , next would be in 2016 in June : the 4 historical maritime Republics( Amalfi,Genova,Pisa,Venezia).
Re-enactment Regatta from 11th century hosting 8 oarsmen . The competition covers over 2.000 metres not to be missed. All parades in medieval style.

Santa Rosa Conca Festival (should be 22nd July) in Conca Dei Marini . Basically a gastronomic party . “The Santa Rosa” Is a famous type of puff pastry cake, actually invented by the monks . Although the Napolitans think they invented it !!!

Atrani , Festival of Saint Patrona Maria Maddalena , religious Festival .

Saint Andrea Patron , saint of fishermen (27th July).

Maiori Via Crucis , procession on Good Friday . For updates for next year we will let you know precise dates.

San Domenico ? PRAIANO
From 1st to 4th August the village pays homage to S.Domenico decorating the square of the mother church with 2000 candles to remember the premonition where the Saint?s mother , before the birth , sees a blaze to with which a dog sets fire to the whole world S. Domenico spread Christ?s words wherever souls were burning.

The Sound of the Gods : a happy blending between scenery and music where concerts take place along by now the well known Pathway of the Gods.

Christmas goings on : All along the Amalfi Coast there are Christmas events , please do not miss the midnight mass 24th December(obviously)But beforehand the star that falls slowly from the surrounding hills and lands in the square (in front of the Dome of S.Andrea ). Get there early ! Tons of fireworks precede the procession of baby Jesus .
Atrani hosts a living nativity scene but with a twist , all the houses around there substitute their normal lights for coloured ones !
Anyone travelling along the SS163 will be absolutely enchanted by the look alike characteristic town with that of a traditional Napoletan nativity scene ! Go for it , and don’t forget