Fiordo di Furore

Fiordo Di Furore one of the most amazing naturalistic sites, the sea penetrates into a deep opening in the rock face which, inside, there’s a little beach, and a fishing village. There’s also an ecomuseum in some of the old buildings

The Duomo of Amalfi

The Duomo of Saint Andrea Amalfi known worldwide with its 57 steps and its bell tower built in 1180, absolutely do not miss the crypt and the “Chiostro Del Paradiso” but remember ladies and gentleman please dress in an appropriate way.

The church of S. Salvatore De Birecto

The church of S. Salvatore De Birecto in Atrani was built in the 10th century and situated inside the village of Atrani. This church It was crowned Mary “Dogi “from the Amalfi Republic.

The pathways

Amalfi Coast
You can?t say you have visited the Amalfi Coast without having trekked along the different pathways which overlook the seaside village. Old mule walkways suspended between the sky and sea, away from the madding crowd, if I can use that terminology ? The most famous is ?the Pathway of the Gods ?

Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone

With its natural beauty and views , so many have been inspired , Wagner for one , where annually there is the “Wagner Festival” so going on, we’ve got “BELVEDERE DI MERCURIO” located with magnificent views from Ravello; do not miss this opportunity , photos home and worldwide , breath taking !

Patron Saint of Peter in Cetara

Fabulous Maiolic dome where going along the 163 , which goes to Amalfi , you come across the little fishing village of Cetara.

The Norman Tower

On so onto the Norman Tower in Maiori, this was a perfect spot to defend the coastline. With its canons and so forth, it is now a famous restaurant and it defends its flavors not only

The church of S. Patron Luca Evangelista

The church of S. Patron Luca Evangelista 1588 in Praiano, with the bell tower built on three floors.

The church of Maria SS. Assunta

The church of S.Patrona Maria SS. Assunta in Positano , is characterized with a dome ornated in colored tiles , It contains a Byzantine icon, showing the” Madonna nera con il bambino “ So the Black Madonna with baby . I might add a great place to get married in!!!
Under the crypt, a Roman Villa was found following the earthquake of 79 DC. The “Affreschi “are well preserved and there also found a roman safe in iron and wood.