La Taverna del Duca Restaurant is situated in Santo Spirito Square. This square is in the heart of the historical center of Amalfi. It is not so far from the Amalfi St. Andrew Cathedral. It is perfectly positioned among the ancient streets.

La Taverna del Duca Restaurant is immersed into medieval streets. It offers a nice corner with dehors and a wide room. It is very interesting for its architecture and details about the Middle Ages.

Amalfi Coast Food – La Taverna del Duca Restaurant

Our cookery is inspired to the Mediterranean and Neapolitan tradition and Amalfi Coast dishes. The fundamental ingredients that We use to cook our recipes are high quality.

Our chefs select seriously the elements to prepare the best dishes. We make a tasty pizza. Our pizza makers prepare it respecting every time the Campania tradition.

Amalfi Restaurant

The staff are very cozy and the place is peaceful. You will have a spectacular dinner because our cookery is excellent. It will be a wonderful experience, the fish is always fresh and the dishes are abundant.

The first dishes of fish are well recommended. We serve them into a big pot. The dishes are always abundant and the cooking time of pasta is perfect.

Amalfi Recommended Dishes

Don’t miss our starters of seafood (very tasty) and pizza with cherry tomatoes. Our linguine with scorpionfish and scialatielli with seafood are very recommended as first dishes. Our prices are low compared to the other Amalfi Coast restaurants.

We wait for You to taste our dishes in our marine space. Don’t forget to book to be sure You’ll have a table free!

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Conca dei Marini

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La Taverna del Duca Restaurant
La Taverna del Duca Restaurant

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